Track Name: Dry Shaving
Dry Shaving.

Do you feel so clever?
Think you drip with virtue?
Don't blink before I do
I will hurt you
Say I find comfort in violence
I hate all my friends
Say I'm malicious
It just shows how scared I am

Don't put any mind
To whats on my mind

I don't need nostalgia
to know God doesn't exist
it feels like shaving dry
every time we reminisce
Like when we went to that wedding
I kept my eyes on the door
You said I play difficult
well people are a Trojan Horse

Don't put any mind
To whats on my mind

Don't put any mind
To whats on my mind
Feels like shaving dry
Every time you try
Track Name: Please, Go Away
Please, Go Away.

Had breakfast in my bedroom closet
I didn't show up to work all week
Someone was beating on my apartment door
So I hid thinking they might have a key
I came out sometime after midnight
coast was clear and my cat wouldn't let me sleep
Thought to myself I've never felt at home here
since that day light was killed right in front of me

In my mailbox was a note that read
Call soon or an ambulance will be sent
So I grabbed my Raymond Carvers and a flashlight
and crawled under my bed

And this was my twenties
Spent juggling euphoria and defeat
Singing off beat and out of key
Whose beating on the door? Do they have a key?